“Homemade” Blue Metallic


There are so many different colors of nail polishes in the market and they are all great! However we can’t own them all, can we? That’s why sometimes I blend colors which I already have to make a new one that I need for my design.

In this case, I didn’t even make a mixture of my colors. I’ve only painted my nails ¬†with one opaque color and after that, with a transparent one. So easy!

I’ve used an opaque black nail polish (“677 Blackout” by Maybelline Color Show) and a transparent purple (“The Color to Watch” by OPI). The result: black + purple = …a beautiful blue metallic!


Here you can see the two colors separately on my swatches




IMG-20130405-00317 copy

Hello to everyone!

This was my first trial in the world of nail art, made almost a year before the creation of this blog. For the flowers I’ve used acrylic paint and a thin brush while the circles were made with a toothpick.

My first nail art!