On Vacation

Hello everyone! A quick post for today because I’m on vacation!! I didn’t want to carry a lot of things with me so I did something that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and tools, just two nail polish liners. Actually, I usually try to avoid using liners because not only drawing with a nail polish is technically much more difficult that drawing with acrylics, but also because it’s almost impossible to erase something without erase the base color too as long as acetone is the one and only choice. Anyway, the initial idea was making some petals like some I’ve seen in a youtube video of Tartofraises (who is my idol in the world of nail art!) but it turned out to be something a little bit… different let’s say. But I liked the result so I didn’t care much! Unfortunately, I was unable to make something similar on my dominant hand too.

IMG-20140815-01015IMG-20140815-01008 copy The liners that  I’ve used are  of the brand “Golden Rose” (a white and a glitter purple one) The base color is the China Glaze “Flyin’Dragon” (Neon). Did you know that it’s a matte one? And it does not look like a IMG-20140815-01011neon at all. Generally speaking, there are two things that I completely love in matte polishes and two things I hate;

🙂 they dry extremely fast

🙂 their unique matte style of course!

😦 they chip much sooner than the typical polishes

😦 some of them can not be applied easily

In this case I loved the color (but I liked more the way it looks in the bottle, it dries much darker). I find that the microglitters look odd in the matte finish. Finally, I have to say that the first coat turned out slightly streaky, but the second coat covered the patchy areas.


7 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. This came out so pretty Alina! The combination of white and glitter over the purple base works perfectly! I think the polish manufacturers have difficulty creating a true neon purple. The few I’ve purchased were pretty, because purple is always pretty in my book, but not really “neon” as you’ve said.

    • Thank you very much Karolyn! 🙂 Actually I’ve used white and purple glitter for my design because I don’t have many nail polishes with a liner brush, but I’m glad that you liked how it looks with the base color! Yes, I totally agree. And I don’t think that I have seen a true purple neon color at all kinds of coloring, not just nail polishes. I think neon goes mostly to yellow, orange, pink and green.

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