Easy Nail Art Made In 10 Minutes


Easy Nail Art Made in 10 Minutes

Well, I think it’s time to present you a really easy and quick nail art which doesn’t need any advanced drawing skills, many tools or a lot of time to be done. I’ve choosen to realize it in dull colors but it’s not necessary for you to do the same. It will look great in bright and vivid colors too!

For this nail art you’ll need:

  • Scotch Tape
  • Dotting Tool (or something similar with a small and curved edge like a bobby pin)
  • Base Color Nail Polish
  • Two or More Nail Polishes of different colors for the dots

Are you ready? Paint your nails with the base color, let it dry and let’s get started!

How to make an easy nail art in 10 minutes

You see? It was really quick! 🙂

Here is my own material for this nail art:

My Material Easy Nail Art


As long as it concerns the base color, I’m absolutely satisfied with this nail polish. Ciate’s “Cream Soda” has a nice texture, a thin brush that allows to make small moves (which very useful when you try to paint the curved area at the bottom of the nail near to the cuticles), it dries very fast and it has the ideal flow making it easy to application. The only disadvantage in my opinion is that it’s pretty sheer, requiring three coats.


That’s all for now.

If you’d like to see more easy and quick NAs in the future, please tell me in the comments!


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