Fairy or Witch? Water Marble’s two Easiest Designs

water marble witch or fairy

As I’ve told you last time, these days I’m really into water marble. So today I decide to show you the two water marble designs which are the easiest to achieve. And because I like metaphors, symbols and fairytales, I named the first one “fairy” because it looks like flower petals or fairy wings and the second “witch” because it brings me in mind a spider’s web! This is how you can do it;

Simple Water Marble Tutorial

And now the photos of the fairy design. It’s the most ordinary WM we usually see. You can add some dots, arabesques or strass to enrich it! Using two or more colors, you can always be sure that your nails are more than impressive with this design!

DSC01134 DSC01140

The spider’s web. Unlike the previous one, I believe that the witch design won’t look nice with extra decorations. It’s not my favorite motif but in this case I like it more than the “fairy” due to its color combination which I think is more successful.


And you, what do you choose?

Fairy or Witch?


9 thoughts on “Fairy or Witch? Water Marble’s two Easiest Designs

  1. I see you took water marble to the next level. You can mold from it what ever you want! It is almost like a witch craft. You make it look so easy, and I know its not. My respect and admiration to your work.

    • Thank you so much!! I don’t know what to say, you are very kind and sweet. 🙂 Yep, I know that water marble is difficult, when I first tried not only I completely failed but also I couldn’t understand what went wrong! By reading blogs with advices and tutorials I started to get familiar with this and after some practice I could create the designs almost as I had them in my mind. I’m planning to write a post in the future with some tips on WM and with all the different designs that can be created. But it won’t be very soon because I want to think and include as many designs as possible!

      • I m busy doing other stuff but water marble, so I can wait to see your tips and hints on WM. I would love to eventually. 🙂 I m glad to have you here. 😀

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    • It’s me who should say thank you! Both for lovely comment and for the nail art that you did which I totally love! I’ve never thought that this pattern could be used for a Spider-Man NA!!

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