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Hello to everyone!

This was my first trial in the world of nail art, made almost a year before the creation of this blog. For the flowers I’ve used acrylic paint and a thin brush while the circles were made with a toothpick.


My first nail art!

15 thoughts on “My first nail art!

    • Thank you very much!!! It’s not only the steady hand. It’s also practice + some tips! for example I didn’t use nail polishes for the design but I choose acrylic paint (normally used for painting on canvas or on paper) because every mistake can be easily erased by water 😉 When you are satisfied with the result you can fix it by applying a typical top coat. I hope this will be helpful if you haven’t tried yet 🙂

    • many thanks!! it’s an old, cheap nail polish which made my life difficult by drying extremely slow, but yes, it has a wonderful color!

      ps. I love your blog title. And the blog of course.

  1. What I think is most impressive (and really many nail bloggers don’t do their pictures that way because it is too difficult I think) is that you have done this design on both hands!

    • thank you again for your nice words!!! yes I usually do both hands even if sometimes the result on my dominant hand is not as I wished to be. I don’t know, I find it a little funny and weird to go out with… just my one hand painted! 😛

      • I try to do only designs that I can replicate with my non-dominant hand too but sometimes I just get lazy. I do the base colour on both hands and the details only on one hand, take a picture and thats it 😉 After all you can’t your paint your nails everyday new at least not with a detailed design. I try to be economical and wear the base colour for one day on its own and then do a design.

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