On Vacation

Hello everyone! A quick post for today because I’m on vacation!! I didn’t want to carry a lot of things with me so I did something that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and tools, just two nail polish liners. Actually, I usually try to avoid using liners because not only drawing with a nail polish is technically much more difficult that drawing with acrylics, but also because it’s almost impossible to erase something without erase the base color too as long as acetone is the one and only choice. Anyway, the initial idea was making some petals like some I’ve seen in a youtube video of Tartofraises (who is my idol in the world of nail art!) but it turned out to be something a little bit… different let’s say. But I liked the result so I didn’t care much! Unfortunately, I was unable to make something similar on my dominant hand too.

IMG-20140815-01015IMG-20140815-01008 copy The liners that  I’ve used are  of the brand “Golden Rose” (a white and a glitter purple one) The base color is the China Glaze “Flyin’Dragon” (Neon). Did you know that it’s a matte one? And it does not look like a IMG-20140815-01011neon at all. Generally speaking, there are two things that I completely love in matte polishes and two things I hate;

🙂 they dry extremely fast

🙂 their unique matte style of course!

😦 they chip much sooner than the typical polishes

😦 some of them can not be applied easily

In this case I loved the color (but I liked more the way it looks in the bottle, it dries much darker). I find that the microglitters look odd in the matte finish. Finally, I have to say that the first coat turned out slightly streaky, but the second coat covered the patchy areas.


Easy Nail Art Made In 10 Minutes


Easy Nail Art Made in 10 Minutes

Well, I think it’s time to present you a really easy and quick nail art which doesn’t need any advanced drawing skills, many tools or a lot of time to be done. I’ve choosen to realize it in dull colors but it’s not necessary for you to do the same. It will look great in bright and vivid colors too!

For this nail art you’ll need:

  • Scotch Tape
  • Dotting Tool (or something similar with a small and curved edge like a bobby pin)
  • Base Color Nail Polish
  • Two or More Nail Polishes of different colors for the dots

Are you ready? Paint your nails with the base color, let it dry and let’s get started!

How to make an easy nail art in 10 minutes

You see? It was really quick! 🙂

Here is my own material for this nail art:

My Material Easy Nail Art


As long as it concerns the base color, I’m absolutely satisfied with this nail polish. Ciate’s “Cream Soda” has a nice texture, a thin brush that allows to make small moves (which very useful when you try to paint the curved area at the bottom of the nail near to the cuticles), it dries very fast and it has the ideal flow making it easy to application. The only disadvantage in my opinion is that it’s pretty sheer, requiring three coats.


That’s all for now.

If you’d like to see more easy and quick NAs in the future, please tell me in the comments!

“Cloudy” French & Glitter

Hello fellow nail lovers!

Today I’m gonna show you a nail art which is one of my favorites from what I’ve done till now! 😀 I’ve tried to make a weird freehand french manicure of two almost-white nail colors using only the nail polishes brushes. Of course these brushes are wide making possible to make only designs without details. For the same reason, you have also to clean up the skin around the nails. But I think it’s worthwhile! What do you think? I’m curious to know…


Fairy or Witch? Water Marble’s two Easiest Designs

water marble witch or fairy

As I’ve told you last time, these days I’m really into water marble. So today I decide to show you the two water marble designs which are the easiest to achieve. And because I like metaphors, symbols and fairytales, I named the first one “fairy” because it looks like flower petals or fairy wings and the second “witch” because it brings me in mind a spider’s web! This is how you can do it;

Simple Water Marble Tutorial

And now the photos of the fairy design. It’s the most ordinary WM we usually see. You can add some dots, arabesques or strass to enrich it! Using two or more colors, you can always be sure that your nails are more than impressive with this design!

DSC01134 DSC01140

The spider’s web. Unlike the previous one, I believe that the witch design won’t look nice with extra decorations. It’s not my favorite motif but in this case I like it more than the “fairy” due to its color combination which I think is more successful.


And you, what do you choose?

Fairy or Witch?

Spiral Water Marble in Ethnic Style

thenailartkit water marble spiral

After a long time I’m back with a water marble! It’s a spiral design, maybe the only one which looks obviously different from the other water marble patterns. For this one, I’ve used warm and vibrant colors to create the impression of ethnic style. I’m going to wear with these traditional necklaces made of seeds!

Hope you like it because I’m planning to do more water marbles! Perhaps, like almost every nail blogger, I am passing through my “water marble-mania period” 😛

nail art kit water marble spiral 1 nail art kit water marble spiral 2 nail art kit water marble spiral 3 nail art kit water marble spiral 4

Paisley Pattern Nail Art

ethnic nail art paisley pattern 1 (small) Recently I’ve painted my nails with the beautiful “Don’t Talk Bach to Me” by OPI. It’s an opaque, lime yellow-green nail polish which can be applied easily and dries fast (like almost all the OPIs).


%22Don't Talk Bach to Me%22 by OPI 1 %22Don't Talk Bach to Me%22 by OPI 2

However, due to its unusual color and to the length of my nails I was afraid that an nail art will easily become kitsch. Finally I’ve decided to make a simple design of paisley away from the tip of the nail, using mainly dark colors.

Paisley Green

A paisley pattern is a motif of droplet-shaped designs, similar to twisted teardrops.

It’s of Persian origin an it has been very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries especially in the form of Kashmir shawl.


And here is my design. Do you like it?

I’m gonna upload a little tutorial soon!

ethnic nail art paisley pattern 2 (small)ethnic nail art paisley pattern 3 (small)ethnic nail art paisley pattern 4 (small)ethnic nail art paisley pattern 5 (small)ethnic nail art paisley pattern 6 (small)